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What Others Are Saying About Us...

Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success.  We understand how uneasy some patients may feel about their dental visits, and how we can make a difference in providing a relaxing and positive experience.  Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Please feel free to read some of the following testimonials. For more reviews about our dental office and service, you can also read additional testimonials by Googling us or looking us up on Facebook.

I have been going to this dental office for cleanings twice a year for over 12 years, and I have had nothing but good experiences here. I have never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes for my appointment. Veronica, my dental hygienist, always does an amazing job. She is very professional and thorough, and my teeth are always sparkly clean at the end of the appointment. Recently, I have seen Dr. Collins, and she was also very helpful and professional. She was very patient and answered all of my questions. The dental office itself is very clean. They have new tv screens where they can show your x-rays and really explain what is going on with your teeth. I like this place so well, I recommended it to my husband, who also had a positive experience here.
Christine R. Santa Monica, Ca

I've been a patient of Culver Del Rey for a while now and absolutely love this place. The dentists are gentle, the hygienists are amazing and overall the staff are nice. The office recently has had a change of ownership and there's a huge difference! The prices are reasonable and I'm very happy with the quality I'm receiving. I've been to several dentists and have chosen this place for myself and my whole family. The work I have received is nothing but perfection. Thank you to this office and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for dental work! 5 STARS!!!
Rebecca S. Venice, CA

My kids have been patients of Culver Del Rey for a few months now and I'm so happy I chose this facility for my family. Dr. Moradi has been helpful above and beyond any doctor I have met before. My kids love him and his staff. They are both undergoing braces with him and the results are so far really really good. I shopped around all over for braces and no doctor was like Dr. Moradi. The office manager worked with me and my finances and I'm very happy!
Noemi M, Los Angeles, CA

Came to this office because they accept my insurance. I have had a few cleanings and fillings taken care of here and so far everything has been great. I highly recommend Veronica whose one of the hygienists. She's very attentive and gentle. The office is very large, clean, and very busy. I've shopped around looking for different dentists for my needs and Culver Del Rey fits perfectly. I recommend this dental office!
Daniel D., Culver City, CA

All I know is this dental office is the place to be. I've been looking for and office where I can get my dental work and braces done together and finally found somewhere like that. When I met Dr. Moradi his character impressed me: he was there to listen to me and what I wanted. I shopped around for braces and no orthodontist listened to what I wanted. Only Dr. David was able to provide the answers to my specific questions. He's the new owner of this office and damn this guy knows his stuff at such a young age. Look no further!
Victor G, Van Nuys, CA

The doctors here are SUPERSTARS! I recently starting coming to Culver Del Rey because my insurance assigned me this office. I needed a root canal, a crown, periodontal work, and a cleaning. I was treated by a team of doctors. Some were general dentists and some specialists. Unlike most dental offices where all the work is done by one dentist who claims to know how to do everything, this office has specific doctors for specific dental needs. This is how dentistry should be done. I've been to several dentists who mention they do it all. This is never true. Culver Del Rey has all the dental specialties under one roof. You will be happy you came here!
Frank F, Inglewood, CA

Fantastic care! Friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean and pleasant waiting room (although I didn't spend more than 3 minutes there!) I love punctuality and great service. Dr. and hygienist were wonderful, thorough and made me feel comfortable. Highly recommend - even to those dental chickens. This place will make you feel like you are in good hands!
Monica R. Venice, Ca. 3/13/2014

Testimonial via YELP.COM

When moving to a new area finding a dentist can be an awful experience. I went on my insurance's website and found this place based on location. I LOVE It!!!! The staff and doctors are wonderful. I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled recently and I have to say they made the experience as painless as possible. They took care of me, especially Claudia. I felt safe under her care at all times. She's very warm, has a great attitude, very personable... I can't say enough about her. Vicky, who works at the front desk, always greets me with a warm smile and helps in any way she can (billing, appointments...) Miguel, another assistant, is just fantastic. Always asks how I'm doing and actually seems to care. Dr. Navarro, Dr. Rudin, the dental hygienist, the rest of the staff (sorry I can't remember all of the names) are great. Of course there are some staff members that may not greet you with this same enthusiasm, but that's expected. The pros outweigh the cons.

I highly recommend choosing this place as your new dental office!!
Crystal L. Los Angeles, Ca. 12-10-2013

Testimonial via YELP.COM

Finding a good dentist that you can trust can be difficult; I've had some disappointing experiences since I've been in LA. One day, I was driving by Culver Del Rey Dental Center and really liked the building. I went in and spoke with Teresa, who was very pleasant, so I decided to make an appointment for an x-ray and cleaning. I made the appointment with Vickie, who had a good sense of humor; we had an instant connection. Both the x-ray and cleaning went well. I was impressed with their new digital x-ray technology; not invasive in the least, and Miguel, the dental assistant, was professional and was a really nice guy.

Dr. Palmer, who is a cool family guy, explained my x-ray results in detail and answered all of my questions. He understood my financial limits with my coverage and worked with me to ensure that I could achieve my dental needs and goals.

Edger the financial consultant explained the logistics in a pleasant and professional way. I felt confident and reassured.

Today, I have an appointment to get a crown done and several cavities replaced with newer "white" fillings. I will complete the second half of my review when everything is done. So far so good... and I'm confident it will all go as smoothly.

Michael S. Los Angeles, CA 11/19/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

Found myself in a tough spot over the weekend. An already damaged temporary cap cracked in half. I went to my regular dentist and she said - "You need an oral surgeon." I was devastated. I had already been through one sleepless night - what are the chances someone will take pity on me and see me now? The kind front desk staff at Del Rey Dental worked with my insurance company and helped me to locate Culver Del Rey Dental Center and oral surgeon, Dr. Dan E. Rudin from within my network. They said that the doc could see me right away. Really??!! Now - I'm worried. Who are these people? What if they are terrible?

From the moment I walked in - the staff was kind and compassionate. I only waited as long as it took me to do my paperwork. I was in the chair - speaking to a wonderful tech named Claudia after only being there for 10 minutes. Then I met Dr. Rudin. What a terrific guy! He has a kind "chair side manner" that makes you feel comfortable and confident as soon as you meet him. He was also very conscientious about my insurance - what was covered - what wasn't and making sure we weren't racking up a huge bill for me. Totally OPPOSITE of most of my dental experiences here in Southern California!

I have always been a "Dentaphobe" - which is why I ended up in this tough spot to begin with. Putting off what would have been a simple procedure. Now - I'm stuck and I wasn't in the mood for a lecture. No lecture - Dr. Rudin made me feel at ease and like we were in this together and we were going to get through it in the best way possible. Dr. Rudin explained everything that he was doing as he was doing it and what to expect. He said I might be in pain - and it is quite tender today - but he and Claudia provided very detailed post-surgical instructions which I'm following to the letter so I can be a better dental patient from now on :)

The office staff was attentive - each one introduced themselves - they all seemed so sympathetic and sweet. I am so grateful that my dentist recommended this oral surgeon and his staff.

Nice work, Dr. Rudin - you're a lifesaver! Thank you!!!
Lisa T . Los Angeles, Ca. 9/24/2013

Testimonial via YELP.COM

Although there is an issue in arranging dental cleanings, I must also say that the work they do is excellent. I have had at least 4 root canals there and each time the experience was excellent. They go out of their way to explain what is needed and then do the work very professionally.
They make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be, give you a TV to watch and they do the work while you are suitably numbed.
I would recommend Dr Brand and his team for their quality work.

Nic Los Angeles, CA 11/14/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I get all my dental work done here from annual check-ups to more extensive work. The doctors and staff are very professional and helpful. Dr. Brand, Vicki, Edgar, Nancy, Victor and the rest of the staff make going to the dentist pleasant.

Joanna B. Venice, CA 9/5/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

They have every kind of dental professional you need, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Palmer is awesome. He is so warm and friendly... he is great. All round a great place.

Marita M. Culver City, Ca. 7-13-2013

Testimonial via YELP.COM

I have been there a few times. It’s right around the corner from where I live, so that was great!
I felt the front desk staff was efficient and friendly and the hygienist was sweet and thorough.
The place was very clean, which sadly to say other dental facilities are not.
I saw dr. palmer, he seemed knowledgeable and was gentle. I will be back .
Lulu l. Los Angeles, Ca. 3-11-2013

Testimonial via YELP.COM

This place is fabulous! Very nice dentists, nice dental assistants, and a great looking office.
Karlyn F. Los Angeles, Ca. 2-12-2013

Testimonial via YELP.COM

I really like coming here. I just had my teeth cleaned with Victoria. It was my third time with her and she always gives me advice and great info on how to take care of my gums and teeth. Miguel took some xrays for me and also pics of my cracked tooth (sad face) and showed them to me. He even changed the tv channel for me at my request. I had to minus one star though bc I didnt see a dentist on my last visit, which i thought was a little strange but didnt say anything and this time i saw the dentist first before my cleaning. He explained that maybe the last time I was only booked in for a cleaning, but i requested the same thing over the phone. Anyway, i LOVE Victoria, Miguel, and the gal up front who made my next appointment for me. She even told me to wait a sec and came back with a free toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste!! They’ve always been on time for all my appointments too.
Erin Y. Culver City, Ca. 2-11-2013

Testimonial via YELP.COM

I've been going to Culver Del Rey Dental for the past 8 years and have been very happy with them. The entire staff is fantastic, from the receptionists, the dental assistants, dental hygienists, and the dentists. They are friendly, warm, and professional. I've had countless cleanings, x-rays, a root canal, fillings, etc and my husband had his wisdom teeth pulled here. I highly recommend them!
D.G. Woodland Hills, Ca. 12-13-2012

Testimonial via YELP.COM

We've been going to Culver Del Rey for five years now. Our family has had everything from routine cleanings and x-rays to fillings, crowns, and braces for our kids. The staff is great, and Dr. Palmer is friendly and approachable. I'd recommend them to anyone interested in establishing a long relationship with a quality dental office. High marks for the recent change to the scheduling system that now allows me to schedule my next cleaning six months out. This will help keep us all on track, and hopefully help prevent more serious dental interventions down the road.

Tim K. Santa Monica, CA 4/18/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I can't say enough great things about Culver Del Rey Dental Center... They Have a great staff of dental professionals and an office staff to boot. I was recommended to this dental office after experiencing poor care at another dental office which shall remain nameless. I first took my two lovely little girls and EVERYONE was so warm and kind to us. I have gotten 1 implant and working through my second , my daughter has gotten braces and is now "Ms. smile Bright!'
We've been attending this dental office for a few years now and it has become a family affair. I have recommended others to Culver Del Rey Dental Center and they all have rave reviews as well. They are so happy of the service; the clean facility, great dental staff and professional environment. I really want to say a great big thanks to Dr. Palmer, Dr. Brand, Dr. Levy, Dr. Collins and Dr. Yousefzadeh!!!! These are the Dr's my family have personally have worked with.
In addition, a great big yell of thanks for comfort from their supporting staff, Vicky, Teresa, Edgar, Claudia and many more of you! Hugs and Blessings to this entire staff.

Lastly in this though financial bind that many people are in... I have to say they have many options for paying for your care if your Dental Ins. does not cover it all. The Culver Del Rey Dental Center's stall will help you with that as well.

If YOU are looking for a great dental Office that can do almost any tooth care or remedy needed... Check them out. They are mostly by appt. But if you have an emergency like I have had on occasion they will work you in!

Carla S. Los Angeles, Ca 11/20/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I am so sad to see these reviews! Granted, I take the first appointment they have in the mornings for cleanings and I never have to wait more than 10 mins. I have great service from the staff. I have to say the techs and dental assistants are the nicest in the office! I even had a major panic attack at the office and they were all very understanding.

I have been going to this dental office for almost 10 years. I have 2 cleaning every year and I had a root canal this past year. While the root canal was a horrific experience, just because it was a root canal and not because of the surgeon!, the staff and dentist make it a great experience.

They have tvs in the rooms while you are having a cleaning and you can always ask them to change the channel or turn up the volume.

Thank you Culver Del Rey!

Jaime K. Los Angeles, CA 10/15/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I think all of you negative yelpers are crazy! I went to Culver Del Rey to have extensive work done, and every step of the way they were pleasant, helpful, pain free and very professional! Dr. Palmer was wonderful, and all of my appointments ran on time! When was the last time you went to a MD and had them run on time??? NEVER!
I just want to say a few words about the front office. Because I was having extensive work done, I needed to have things spelled out for me in black and white and also verbally. I was sat down with a very nice man, named Edgar who explained everything to me in detail. What my insurance will pay,and what my co-pay would be. The price I was given for all of the work was agreed on, and never was there any extra charges for this, that and the other as some of you yelpers are complaining about!
I have told everyone I know how wonderful Culver Del Rey is, and not to listen to those negative comments on Yelp! I have told them, those people must be angry about so many other things in their lives, and they just want to vent, no matter who it hurts!!
Go to Culver Del Rey, you will be so happy you did! And ask to see Dr. Palmer. He was very funny, and a fabulous dentist. I have had nothing but compliments on how beautiful my teeth look!

Sue P. Laguna Beach, CA 11/13/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I wouldn't trust my teeth with anyone else in Los Angeles. Dr. Brand is trustworthy, smart, and has a great sense of humor. His office is clean and professional.

Before I met Dr. Brand, I went through a few Dentists that tried unlawfully charge me and invent procedural work I needed.

Cari M. Los Angeles, CA 11/7/2012
Testimonial via YELP.COM

Just went for a routine visit with Dr. Collins, and she was great. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. Perhaps the practice is taking all these negative posts to heart, because I had no complaints! :)

Jeny N. Culver City, CA 9/22/2011
Testimonial via YELP.COM

Thank GOD for Dr. Ceravolo (and I am not a religious person but I may believe in God now thanks to Dr. C). I had weeks and weeks of tooth pain when my dentist finally suggested I go see an endodonist. I looked up a bunch of people and finally decided to go to Culver Del Rey Dental Center. I am VERY glad I did.

Dr. Ceravolo fit me into his very busy schedule and spent a lot of time figuring out and diagnosing what was wrong with my tooth. It was finally decided that I needed a root canal (which I was pretty sure about when I went in - I've had two so I am a semi-pro when it comes to these things). Dr. C was able to perform the root canal that day (which I insisted upon), and the assistant laid out all the costs for me in an easy straight forward way. They were very helpful.

After the root canal I ended up having a lot of pain. This was NOT Dr. C's fault - I had an infection move into my sinuses (my roots of my teeth grow into my sinuses) because I took too long to get to an endodontist. Dr. C gave me his number and email address and I contacted him all weekend long, and not just on any weekend, it was a holiday weekend. He was in contact with me all weekend and he helped me through a particularly painful time.

I have never had a doctor or dentist who helped me so much on their "off" time. He assured me time and time again that it was his job to help me (even on HIS SUNDAY!) - I mean seriously, who does that anymore?

I highly suggest you see Dr. C if you are having any dental pain. He is great and will help you every step of the way until you are pain free.

Thanks Dr. C!

Dana B. Nashville, TN 12/7/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM

Despite all the previous reviews, the office staff have been nothing but nice and courteous to me. When I had quite a few procedures done, they took the time to go through and explain all the charges to me.
The medical staff are great as well - very friendly and knowledgeable, though one of the assistants was a bit rougher than necessary on my teeth (unfortunately I didn't get her name). I'll definitely be sticking around.

h l. Los Angeles, CA 4/20/2011
Testimonial via YELP.COM

Had a filling, a cleaning, and got a night guard made here. The staff were very professional, the prices were very moderate. I have HMO and filling was only 25 dollars!
The night guard was more expensive but well worth the price. I have used night guards for years and this is by far the best quality and least invasive guard I have had. Plus they made sure to custom fit the guard to my mouth before I took it home to ensure maximum comfort and did not charge me for the visit! Lastly they split my payment for the guard up into multiple installments and were very accommodating with my payment schedule!
Other than that it was a clean office with TV's in every dentist room, and a very fun, friendly staff. I have had very negative experiences with dentists in the last few years but am happy with my new found office

Evan B. Los Angeles, CA 4/1/2010
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I'm new to yelp...i don't find a lot of time to rate places I've been to, but this place was so great, that I'm taking time to let everyone know that all these bad reviews are so NOT true. When i first walked in, i thought the office was so beautiful and clean. I've"ve been to so many offices, and none of them have been as nice as this office. when i walked to the window to sign in, i was immediately greeted by the receptionist with a warm welcome.
I have a phobia of the dentist, as I'm sure a lot of you out there do as well, and i saw Dr. Brand who was so caring and gentle while doing the exam. He told me that he also has a fear of the dentist and he understands my feelings. I was VERY shocked to hear that, and that's when i realized that he was someone i could trust. He explained all of my treatment to me. Above that, a member of the staff came into the exam room and was able to explain to me, my insurance benefits and what will be covered. they took the time out to explain to me what the insurance companies neglect to tell you.
When I went out to the front desk to check out, i saw how busy the staff was. i don't know exactly how many receptionist there were, but there were at least 5, and they were all with patients and on the phone, but someone came and helped me promptly. I felt badly that i took so much of their time, asking so many questions about my treatment and the cost of it, but i was impressed because they took the time to explain everything to a dental chicken like me.
They gave me a copy of my treatment plan to take home and look over so that i could decide what treatment i wanted to start with first...i didn't feel pressured into starting anything without giving it a good thought, but they did explain to me what would happen to my teeth if the problems i had weren't corrected.
To wrap everything up, i am SATISFIED with this place. i know that I'm still a little afraid of the dentist, but not nearly as much as i was before i came here. i keep referring my friends and family to this office because i trust they will be as happy as i am.
Thanks Culver Del Rey Dental.
P.S. The Doctor K. (root canal DR.) is H O T!!!

suki m. Los Angeles, CA 7/23/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM

So i had my wisdom teeth taken out here...and from what I know every person who has had their wisdom teeth taken out blow up like Chipmunks. So i was definitely dreading my visit to the office.

SO I came in on a Friday to have my wisdom teeth taken out and within 1 hour and 30 minutes I was already headed home of course with my designated driver! =)

The next day to my suprise I had not swollen up at all...the nest day nothing...the WHOLE WEEK...nothing. So I was curious and asked around why I didn't get swollen and not to my surprise they said it was from a good very well done!
Dentists usually bruise you and hurt you which causes the bruising and swelling.
Overall amazing !

The office staff is very friendly, especially the guy in the glasses...he made me laugh and was very honest about a quote they gave me.
I am definitely coming back....ONLY if I have too though ...Dentist office still scare me...not this one but all.....

Ema S. Culver City, CA 9/8/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I am also surprised by these negative reviews. I have dealt with nearly all of the staff, and the doctors for some very serious dental work for both myself and my daughter, and the staff has been nothing but friendly, down to earth, helpful and compasionate. In addition to that, their dental work is of the highest quality. I used to HATE the dentist, as I've had very bad experiences, but now, I am happy to go, assured that I will receive the best care by caring people. Dr. Ceravalo is an excellent doctor, and his bedside manor is professional, and approachable, and he also has a great sense of humor, which is especially nice since his specialty is root canals! And Teresa is a kind and thoughtful person, who tries to work with patients and their insurance in a compassionate, and professional manner. I highly recommend this dental office, especially if you are a dental chicken - they'll help you become a dental warrior! :)

S C. Los Angeles, CA 8/22/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM

Wow, This office is very nice. The doctors were great and so was the insurance biller teresa. She figured out my treatment plan and explained to me that I was getting an estimate. Wow it was alot. I got scared but teresa assured me that some of my work would be covered by my insurance. I got the bill from my insurance and it was only $10.00 off from what teresa had said. Pretty Good. Staff was good and i would recommened it to my friends.

andrew y. Los Angeles, CA 7/23/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM

Starting on a good note; I love both Dr Palmer, Dr Brand & hygenist Veronica. She does an amazing job & both docs are pretty cool guys. They both have a good time at their job & with patients. They joke around, chat & get serious all in an evenly distributed fashion.

On the down side the front desk pretty much just doesn't greet you. Individually they are very nice but as a group when you walk in it's as if you are invisible as they are too busy either chatting it up or just straight up working, face down into patient files. Which on one hand is great but a simple "hello" would make all the difference in the world.

But forget the front desk, i've been going here for over 6 years...GO SEE Dr. Brand, Dr. Palmer & Veronica!!! They're all amazing at what they'll see!!!

Vanessa R. Van Nuys, CA 8/26/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM

I loved this office. It was clean and friendly. I was hesitant at first due to the reviews. I decided to give it a chance. My two kids loved the kid dentist. Dr. Collins was nice and explained everything that was happening to the kids. Guess what, my visit was covered by my insurance 100%. I guess that all these people are complaining because they have bad insurance. I would definately come back.

greselda n. Los Angeles, CA 7/23/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM

We at Prosites sincerely appreciate the opportunity to design and host your new website. Your dedication to educating and serving your patients is evident by the excellent information and background your website provides to visitors. We salute your efforts in providing that extra level of communication and service that is so important to patients.

Lance V. McCollough
President & CEO
Prosites, Inc.

I don't write a lot of reviews, but I have been to many dentists and doctors in 40+ years, and I hope Yelpers will keep in mind that people who have a bad medical experience are much more likely to spend time writing a review than people who had a good experience. Culver Del Rey is a very well-run practice with excellent dentists and hygienists. I have been going there for about 6 years. They have always spent the time to find out how much is covered by insurance and how much isn't -- try getting that information by calling the 1-800 number for your dental plan -- and they have always explained what is necessary and what is elective. They have NEVER tried to push a procedure on me that I didn't need. Some of the front desk staff may be a little unpolished, but I really admire the fact that they provide opportunities and support the continuing education of people from the community.

Dental "insurance" isn't really insurance at all -- it's prepaid dental care. You get what you pay for -- your premiums are probably really low, and the insurance companies pay rock-bottom rates. It's not the dentist's fault that your insurance treats the initial x-ray, cleaning, and exam as a loss-leader. There is no way any dentist could stay in business if they didn't charge more than what your insurance pays.

JT B. Culver City, CA 7/1/2009
Testimonial via YELP.COM